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WordPress Portfolio Development

Teresa Goikoechea is a costume designer and professional stylist. She already had a portfolio website, but she wanted a more modern and professional image. After analyzing the needs of the client, we recommend her a WordPress Portfolio Development service with a custom template.

In addition, we also carry out the keyword research, SEO positioning and website content writing. The client wanted a powerful and memorable image, different from her competition; for this reason we made a website in dark blue color inspired by the depths of the sea. It delighted both the customer and its users!

Digital servicies
  • Web analytics
  • Target definition
  • Benchmarking
  • Keyword research
  • SEO implementation
  • Website structure
  • WordPress theme simulation
  • Website content writing
  • Translation
  • WordPress development
  • Judit Civit – Web Developer, SEO Specialist & Digital Consultant
  • Isabel Guindal – Project Manager