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Bootstrap web development is a new payment & financial solution to help businesses to send and manage payments. Zing entrusted us with his six-page static website with animated illustrations. It was a nice project with a clean and careful design, but the delivery date was very tight since everything had to be ready to prepare the launch of the company. For this reason we build a complete and specialized team to ensure a high quality result.

The chosen framework was Bootstrap, so we worked all the front-end development with SASS and CSS Flexbox. Loading speed was an important factor, so we developed CSS Animations. We also had art direction and quality control at all times to provided a constant bug fix and ensured a high quality and on time delivery.

Digital servicies
  • Web development
  • Front-end web development
  • Web animation
  • Bootstrap with SASS
  • Art direction
  • Judit Civit – Front-end Web Developer & Web Project Manager
  • Mariangel Pereira – Front-end Web Developer assistant
  • David González – CSS Animation & Back-end Web Developer
  • Sara Bege – Art director & Quality Control
  • Serge Beato – Web designer
Live website

Under construction – Comming soon